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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding your Cruise with

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.

How is rooming arranged?
Rooming is arranged by you and the rest of the Guests and Team Members during the first day’s Orientation Barbecue and Party. Assuming you travel solo you can select the roommate of your mutual choice. Yes, you can change the choice as many times as you wish, always by mutual agreement with the rest of the Guests.
Can I room with my own mate in a double cabin of our own?
Yes! Subject to availability rooming is at your absolute discretion.
Can I change cabin during my stay?
Yes! One’s rooming arrangements are to their absolute discretion following, off course, mutual agreement by the other guests.
If we want a triple cabin to ourselves and we are only the two of us OR Itravel solo and want a double cabin to myself, may I/we reimburse the occupancy of the extra (2nd or 3rd) bed in order to have the whole cabin?
Yes, subject to availability (in non full house occupancy) and by paying the pro rata daily charge. Note that some of the Team Members (The Girl, The Kitemaster) may need to be staying in Guests berths in Full House occupancies! Kitesurf & Mate is a Fresh Team of Sports and Nature’s enthusiasts thinking out of the box!
Can I come solo?
Yes! Goes without saying that many if not most of our Guests of both sexes will be travelling solo. It is also the heart of the "&Mate" character of this operation!
Noticed you refer to the kite boarders / charterers as "Guests". How come? (Since they are paying passengers)?
The term Guests reflects our yachting philosophy, our core business for over 20 years. With a huge number of repeat and referral clients we have established a very strong bond with our Guests and are proud to say so!
Will I be able to Hop On - Hop Off on any of your Yachts & Spots?
YES! Once you have your reservation you can Hop On - Hop Off in any of the Yachts & Spots, subject to availability, off course.
Assuming that I do decide to change Yacht & Spot (say from Mykonos to Gokova) who will arrange that?
We will provide with any and all assistance for the most efficient transfer between The Spots. Transfer costs will be borne by you but the optimum medium will be mutually chosen by cost benefit analysis.
Will I be able to extend my stay? What are the costs?
Kitesurf & Mate is as “Pure” – “Bio” - “Organic” and “Zen” as one can be! That is to say we do not have hidden extras or tricky charges! Extenders pay pro rata the same daily amount (1/7th of the weekly rate for each overnight stay), subject to availability off course. Our advice; leave a somewhat loose departure date since the experience “kicks” and extensions are frequent!
Assuming I have already made other accommodations arrangements, may I join onboard one of the Yachts as a Day Guest so as to get full benefit of your prime spots but don t wish to sleep onboard?
Yes! Day Guests pay a flat fee of EUR 100 (ed. Summer 2012) which includes all the amenities every Guest has, Safety Kite Surveillance, use of yacht and equipment, free Wi-Fi snacks and beverages, all inclusive buffet, plus transfer to and from Yacht during specified times and. Note that restrictions may apply on some of the Spots and that spaces are subject to availability.
Are there specific dates or days of the week for me/us to embark or disembark? Is there a specific length of stay (eg one week) that I/we need to book for?
Absolutely not! We have a fully liberal Check in Check out Date and how many days you stay with us for. Just pick up the Embarkation - Disembarkation date in the Reserve Your Spot Calendar and picture yourself as checking in and out of a Hotel! Extensions by credit card payment onboard are frequent and welcome at the same rates
Can I settle any payments for extensions or extras onboard?
We encourage and accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and accept cash in all major currencies. Exchange rates are the official rates of the day as found on the Net: Kitesurf N Mate is owned and run by Yachting and Kiting enthusiasts NOT bankers. We do not make profit on exchange rates!
If I decide to leave earlier for reasons beyond my control (force majeure) is there a refund policy?
Whilst Kitesurf N Mate are fiscally bound not to refund sums received, we do issue a fully transferable coupon valid for 1 year, to be used by yourself or transferred to anyone you wish. As it is fully transferable it can also be exchanged in situ with other Guests.
I detect some emphasis on the “&Mate;” character of your operation. I hope I/we do not run into any “Dating Cruise” OR anything other than amateur real Guests and the uncomfortable situations that go along with it!
The Kitesurf & Mate is an Operation that as the title and "the KS&M Philosophy" describes is focused on the specialized and athletically focused yacht charter operations performed from yachts. Notwithstanding the above, there may be times where solo kiters & kiteresses will find this exhilarating experience the opportunity to be grasped for that Full Moon proposal to remember for life! It is true that people that did not join together may decide to share a cabin and KS&M safeguards that any reported non consentuous behavior will lead to the expelling of the violator(ess) from the Zen Ambience of Kitesurf & Mate and may lead to any legal repercussions as provided by Law.
Knowing for a fact that these Yachts Charter for Tenths of Thousands per week how do you manage to break even, let alone make a profit from charging minimum per person fees? Hope is not a Rent-a-wreck operation that you run?
As witnessed on The Yachts Gallery section of the site all Yachts are of a very High Standard and excellent ambience throughout. These yachts usually charter for Tenths of Thousands per week, a sum over and above the means of the average kiter. This is why we offer Charter be the Berth(bed). We have a slim profit margin for a great number of Guests than the other way around.
On the &Mate; character of the Cruise I hope this is not a Naturists and or Nudists per se situation leading to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations for me/us?
Whilst topless and nudism is, of course, neither mandatory nor the scope of our cruise, it cannot, on the other hand, be prohibited, that latter being contrary to the free corporal culture that many people embrace. Traditionally and as in every yacht in the world, the uppermost deck is designated for topless or full body sunbathing and it is to the discretion of our Guests to follow these simple and minimal guidelines that lead to us all living in Zen and Harmony.
What about kite equipment and paraphernalia? Do I need to bring my own? Do you have reliable, high level equipment onboard or just lower quality worn out rentals?
As in every sport, each athlete feels more comfortable using their own gear, and off course this is permissible and encouraged. Over and above you can rent and also purchase equipment of the highest standard of the best makers at very attractive "trade" prices.
You advertise the service as Best Kiting Spots, Best Kiting conditions. What happens if during my stay there is minimal or no Wind? Will we be moving to other Geographical areas chasing the wind?
Bad news is that in the improbable event that winds are low at the selected certain Geographical Areas, the phenomena will be very similar in quite a big range around those areas, usually not surpassable in the timeframe allotted. Time is more certain that will bring wind back than chasing wind around over a great distances. Good news is that we have a number of No Wind alternative activities to fill in a low wind void. Moreover we have several yachts at various geographical areas and Guests can hop form boat to boat if they so wish.
May I chose the exact yacht and/or the exact cabin or berth of my choice?
The yachts “dwell” (usually habitate) on specific greater geographic areas, that we call "The Spots". You can reserve the spot of your choice and verify in “The Yachts” section of the site which of the Yachts dwell there. Notwithstanding the above and based of reservations preferences and Wind conditions more yachts can move to cover long sought for areas and vice versa.
Non kiters? Assuming the myself or my spouse/friend are completely ignorant and away from any kite activity, will I/we be able to go “from Zero to Hero” OR are there other activities that I/we may engage at apart from Kitesurfing?
Yes and Yes! The Kite Masters on each yacht are IKO Certified instructors and there just for that; to start you from Zero. Also Other Activities are numerous including but not limited to Diving Certification all levels run by Certified (PADI, NAUI or ANDI) Dive Masters, SUP (Stand up Paddling), Windsurfing, Wakeboarding, Jet Ski, Water Ski.
Smoking, Pets, other………
Smoking is allowed on all open areas of the Yachts, as social behavior and safety standards dictate on every yacht worldwide. Pets, while adored, are not allowed onboard in the courtesy of other Guests and possible health issues associated with these lovely friends.. It is without said understood that KS&M strictly adhere to a “Zero Tolerance Drug Policy” on the use of any illegal substances and violators are subject to Legal prosecution.
What to bring
Imagine yourself getting off to a Summer vacation for the duration that you choose. If you own your equipment of your sport and is not a hassle to bring it, please do so as most of us are more comfortable with the equipment we love! Light Summer clothes, bathing suits, pareos, Hats, flip-flops as well as some night gear, sweaters etc may prove handy for staying under the stars late and a weather jacket (windproof/waterproof) could be helpful for possible night rides with the support Ribs etc. Sun Protection nowdays is also very useful and common to have.
Are we near the main islands of our area? Can we be going out (dinning, clubbing) in the night or are we “stuck” on a kite bay isolated from the temptations of island living?
The idea is to have four nights stays on the active nearby port of the selected area and three nights on a tranquil bay of our choice. Variations to the above to allow for getting full grasp of Full Moon Nights OR attend special parties, concerts etc ashore, can and will be made by mutual agreement of everybody involved. Particularities linked to the Safe and Proper operation of the Yachts and allowance for foul weather give to the Captain the final say.
Are children allowed on board? Is there a certain age limit?
Yes. While there is no absolute age limit per se we feel that children under the age of 6 present high “workload” on their parents who in any case will have the entire responsibility over them.